Max,Jan Nowee,Alan Hammer,Barry,Butler,Hammer

Deepening Your Personal Relationships

Everyone wants to improve and deepen their relationships. This book explains the development of psychologically healthy, fulfilling, and interpersonal relationships involving effective communication, empathic emotional intimacy, shared transformational development, and constructive conflict resolution to achieve this aim. A section on improving society through enhancing interpersonal relationships is also included. The authors anticipate this book will be of keen interest to professional relationship counselors, including marriage counselors, family counselors, and conflict mediators. Readers interested in enhancing their personal relationships and gaining insight into transformational self-help and social transformation will also find this volume helpful. The book provides original, meaningful, and transformational insights that can be especially helpful in understanding how to overcome the separate ego’s mostly subconscious fear of and resistance against emotional intimacy and good communication. It also helps you understand how good relationships can produce enhanced levels of spiritual development, psychological healing, self-understanding, creative functioning, inner peace, happiness, and fulfillment in life.
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    b8764231899je citiraoпре 3 године
    Real strength exists only when you are honestly facing and accepting the reality of your painful feelings. Then these feelings can be effectively dealt with so that they can be dissolved in their most natural and complete way.
    orlovanikaje citiraoпре 4 године
    The manipulator uses the marriage, or the relationship, to egotistically better himself or herself, in some way. The mate is basically only a showpiece, to be displayed to others, and to be used for the achievement of his own personal goals

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