Jason B. Tiller

Healthy Gut

According to recent research, a healthy gut is directly correlated with happiness. The brain is directly connected to the gut system, and the optimum function of the stomach affects emotions as a whole. Apart from the emotional impact, a healthy gut function keeps your body from all life-threatening ailments. An unhealthy gut contributes to the manifestation of diseases and disorders such as mood swings, bad breath, inconsistent gas, weird tongue patterns, and cravings for sugar, acne, joint pains, fatigue, abnormal bowel movement, and depression.

“HEALTHY GUT: SIMPLE STEPS AND RECIPES TO KEEP YOUR GUT HAPPY” is a well-researched book dedicated to bringing to light the functions of the gut and how an ordinary individual can achieve proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. It is important that you detect a faulty gut system at an early stage so that you will reduce the chances of developing gut ailments.

Achieving a healthy gut system should be your top priority and “HEALTHY GUT: SIMPLE STEPS AND RECIPES TO KEEP YOUR GUT HAPPY” has elaborated the most robust and most straightforward ways of making your gut happy. The ailments mentioned can be managed using the simple recipes outlined in this book. In fact, once you can implement these methods correctly, you won't need antibiotics or steroids to achieve a proper functioning of your system.

Other things you are going to discover in this book include:

Gut health and the efficient maintenance of the system

Gut-brain connection and how to achieve happy gut

Gut diet recipes for long-term healthy stomach

How to increase the population of the positive bacteria

The ultimate cure for leaky colon
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