Mega Sleepover 3 (The Sleepover Club), Fiona Cummings, Lorna Read, Narinder Dhami
Fiona Cummings,Lorna Read,Narinder Dhami

Mega Sleepover 3 (The Sleepover Club)

Join the Sleepover Club: Frankie, Kenny, Felicity, Rosie and Lyndsey, five girls who want to have fun – but who always end up in mischief!
The gang decide to form a pop group in The Sleepover Girls go Spice, except their secret rehearsal in the attic doesn’t quite go to plan… The 24-Hour Sleepover Club sees the mates at loggerheads with their dreaded rivals, the M&Ms – and they soon find that revenge can be sickly sweet! And make way for chaos in The Sleepover Club Sleeps Out, when a school trip overnight to a local Egyptian museum provides a perfect excuse for terrifying the M&Ms…
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