Stress Management & Productivity at Work, Howard VanEs
Howard VanEs

Stress Management & Productivity at Work

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How do you really feel about your job? Do you enjoy going to work each day – or is it a dreaded necessity?

When you’re on the job, how well do you get along with your colleagues? Your boss? If you’re in a leadership position within your organization, is the morale at work high – or are you managing a group of unmotivated, negative people? And when you come home from work, do you feel a sense of accomplishment – that you’ve made a difference? Or do you simply feel exhausted and drained…and possibly sick?

And though many people have resigned themselves to experiencing high levels of stress as part of their jobs, the good news is you don’t have to. You can improve your situation. And gain more energy and focus in the process!

In “Stress Management and Productivity At Work”, you will learn why stress can be so damaging, how it specifically affects you, and how the organization in which you work is negatively affected by employee stress. Armed with this information, you can then begin to implement the highly effective stress solutions presented in this book.

For managers and employers, this book addresses workplace stress from an organizational standpoint. Even if your business is suffering from low morale, decreased productivity, and/or high staff turnover, you will discover a simple 3-step process that will provide you with a strategy to both improve the current work environment and adjust work practices that will result in lasting organizational change.

And if you have found that stress is affecting your productivity, you’ll enjoy the chapters about ways to increase your productivity and efficiency.

Are you ready to take control of stress and feel better? Are you looking forward to increased productivity, better work relationships, and greater job satisfaction? If the answer is yes, it’s time to begin your journey to leading a life full of energy and motivation – where stress hasn’t gotten the best of you, and you can live your life with vitality and passion. Let’s get started!
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