Violet Haze

If I Had You

I've never managed to shake off the memory of Zachary, my high-school love and the one I deeply hurt. Spotting him after a decade reignites old impulses, compelling me to follow, fully aware of the storm awaiting if he confronts me. And when he does, it sparks a moment that promises to alter everything.

Zachary harbors a decade of unhealed wounds from our fallout, which sent our lives spiraling in unexpected directions. My sudden reappearance ignites his longing for justice, fueling a fiery exchange that reawakens a passion we thought was long extinguished.

As we find ourselves entangled once more, will the remnants of our once undeniable connection withstand the trials of our complex lives, or will the challenges prove too overwhelming, extinguishing our chance at rekindling a love that neither of us has been able to forget?
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  • Regina Juodeikeje citiraoпре 7 месеци
    “Is she drunk?”
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    “Turn around and fucking look at me. Or do you only engage in shady shit?”
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