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    Exercise 1
    Freelance copywriter personality quiz
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    will always come up against people who think they know more than you do.
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    Five things you need to be a successful copywriter

    To be a successful copywriter you need:
    • An abiding curiosity about people, the world around you and the products, services and companies you write for. Nothing is boring.
    • The ability to understand how people think and feel about themselves and others. Without this you will struggle to sell – since this is the art of speaking to motivations.
    • A talent for weaving magic with words, from story-telling to “what if?”; from a pell-mell rush of benefits to an irresistible call to action.
    • Knowledge of the rules of spelling, grammar and punctuation – and the willingness and insight to know when you can – and should – break them.
    • Research skills – from desk research to face-to-face interviewing – so you can uncover every single fact about whatever it is you’re selling.
    OK, let’s have another go. If you’re going to be a successful freelance copywriter you need seven personal qualities. Have a look at the list coming up and fill in the blank lines to give yourself a personal action plan.

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