A Place Called Here, Cecelia Ahern
Cecelia Ahern

A Place Called Here

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A redemptive and captivating novel from the No. 1 bestselling author of PS. I Love You.
Ever wondered where lost things go?
Ever since the day her classmate vanished, Sandy Shortt has been haunted by what happens when something – or someone – disappears. Finding has become her goal.
Jack Ruttle is desperate to find his younger brother who vanished into thin air a year ago. He spots an ad for Sandy's missing persons agency and is certain that she will answer his prayers and find his brother.
But then Sandy disappears too, stumbling upon a place that is a world away from the only one she has ever known. Now all she wants, more than anything, is to find her way home.
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Loved this book. Devoured it during a beach day.

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Some people have the power to do that, to look at you and their faces let you know exactly how you’re behaving
Where do they go when they’re lost?’

‘They don’t go anywhere,’ she smiled. ‘They are always in the place we dropped them or left them behind. We’re just not looking in the right area when we can’t find them.’

‘But I’ve looked in all the places, Mum. I always do.’
it’s a body without its heart. It’s almost there but not quite. It’s filled to the brim with personal items yet it’s empty because the people who own them aren’t here to love them.
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