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Icon Books is an independent publisher founded in 1992 which specialises in intelligent, quality non-fiction for a general audience. Our Introducing Graphic Guide series thrives alongside a list of books in science, history, politics, sport, language, humour and much else besides.

Based primarily near Caledonian Road station in north London, Icon publish books in all English-speaking markets of the world — and many non-English speaking ones too. Our books are sold by leading distributors around the world and our translation rights sales are managed by the Marsh Agency in London.
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is obvious that time is the most precious currency in your life.

That's why we should start living and not just existing and waiting for the "right time" without being aware is that every minute that passes is never coming back

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sports psychology. This branch of psychology is dedicated to helping amateur and professional sportsmen and women reach the top of their personal sporting game.
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Through our work in the field we’ve come to discover that fulfillment isn’t a moment in time – a destination – but the experience of enjoying the journey towards a destination that you deem valuable.
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