William Butler Yeats

Seven Poems and a Fragment

Some of W.B. Yeat's finest poems. Includes poems like “All Souls' Night”, “Cuchulain the Girl and the Fool”, and “The New Faces”.
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    Menna Abu Zahraje citiralaпре 2 месеца
    Bubble upon the table. A ghost may come,

    For it is a ghost’s right,

    His element is so fine
    andreae183je citiraoпрошле године
    Words were but wasted breath
    Trufflelotsje citiraoпре 5 година
    On the soul’s journey. How it is whirled about,
    Wherever the orbit of the moon can reach,
    Until it plunged into the sun;
    And there free and yet fast,
    Being both Chance and Choice,
    Forget its broken toys
    And sink into its own delight at last.

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