Leanne Banks

Tall, Dark & Royal (Mills & Boon Desire) (Dynasties: The Connellys – Book 1)

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He stood before Erin Lawrence--bare-chested, sleeptousled and sexy as sin. Could this be Daniel Connelly, the new king of Altaria? Erin knew she'd have her hands full teaching the American businessman royal etiquette--and avoiding falling under his sensual spell. Son of a former princess, Daniel had been raised with a strong sense of family honor. But nothing had prepared him for the night-and-day sessions with Erin…or the flare of heat that burned him in her presence. Erin was prim, proper and pure, and he--well, he was no innocent, and soon he'd be her king. For both Daniel and Erin, duty warred with passion…but which would reign?
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    Don't lose your dignity, but if you do, don't spill your tray.
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    if you want something to happen, you usually have to make it happen
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    Doing your best means you recognize you can make a contribution by pushing yourself to be the best you can be. Striving for perfection just makes you cranky.

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