Robin Sacredfire

Where's the Money?: The Cycle of Poverty and Why the Majority Can’t Be Rich

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Travelling to very poor countries allows noticing that the majority of the locals tend to look at foreigners as a walking ATM machine that guarantees their monthly income and food in the table on a daily basis.
On the opposite spectrum of this constant need, we have those that have fallen in love with money and went bankrupt, having their pride and anger reversed against their nature.
Many Europeans and North Americans, whose self-image is based on pride, either regarding their nation, job or reputation, don’t just suffer now from lack of money, but also depression and lack of purposes in life.
They’ve rooted themselves in the lowest spiritual spectrum and, when money’s gone, become empty vessels.
A truly spiritual individual, on the other hand, won’t focus on material outcomes but rather emotional.
That’s the difference between those travelling now to South America for a better lifestyle and the ones looking for their next fortune in China.
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