A Better Brain at Any Age, Sondra Kornblatt
Sondra Kornblatt

A Better Brain at Any Age

Boost Your Brain PowerHolistic brain exercises, from body and brain games to life-enhancing brain food. Health and science writer Sondra Kornblatt, along with the numerous experts she’s interviewed in A Better Brain at Any Age, can help you put your head on straight through healthy activities for the body and stimulating exercises to boost brain power. Improving your exercise, consuming healthy food, and practicing simple movements can do wonders for your mental and physical health.
Overcome brain fog and enhance memory improvement. In A Better Brain at Any Age, Kornblatt will teach you how to reduce stress and optimize mental agility. Learn how the brain interacts with the body, what habits impact the brain positively and negatively, and how to maximize learning. In this book, Kornblatt provides tips to strengthen memory, cognition, and creativity so you can function better in your active life.
A Better Brain at Any Age offers a complete plan for improving brain health in an engaging and accessible way. In this book, you will find:
More than 100 extensively researched ideas to improve your memory and mental agility, boost your creativity and overall brain power, and avoid brain overloadLively and informative explanations on brain plasticity and how the mind and body work togetherQuick and helpful tips that you can dip into during short breaks or read through cover-to-coverIf you found brain function and memory books like Change Your Brain, Change Your LifeThe Brain Warrior's Way; and You Can Fix Your Brain helpful, then you’ll thrive with the brain training tips in A Better Brain at Any Age.
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Ayesha Tariq
Ayesha Tariqje citiraoпре 6 месеци
Snap a rubber band on your wrist when you notice a thought pattern you want to change. Then remind yourself to substitute a more comforting thought.
Anna Yakovleva
Anna Yakovlevaje citiralaпре 5 година
A series of individual connections create a route through your brain called a neuropathway. The more you practice something, the more you deepen neuropathways as you strengthen skills, habits, and memories—which could apply to a Bach minuet or nail-biting. When you learn something new, or when you make a change, you create new pathways. Your brain becomes more flexible and resilient

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