Rotimi Ogunjobi

The Bata Dancer

A theatre scriptwriter loses his job, his marriage and his only child. He travels to a rural town in search of a quiet place to reorganize his confused life. Here he again meets with a legendary Bata dancer and the reunion rekindles his ambition to write a new play. But his success will depend on how much he is able to understand the mysterious language of the Bata drums and dance
His bitter past has left him with the fear of another relationship and when the charming and compassionate daughter of his aged mentor comes into his life, he finds himself in a desperate battle against his resolve. But his new companion is a healing angel who mends his heartbreak and disabilities and teaches him the way of a master Bata dancer.
Yomi Bello is a scriptwriter for the Heritage Theater. He has temporarily lost his job and his estranged wife has gone away with his only child. Yomi travels to a small rural town to take up a temporary teaching appointment in a private school, and to find a quiet place to rearrange his life.
Yomi again meets with Baba Lamidi, a legendary Bata dancer. The reunion rekindles Yomi’s intention to write a new play, but his success will depend on how much he is able to learn of the mysterious language of the Bata drums and dance
There are great challenges along his way forward nevertheless. The native craftsmen and artists are hostile and contemptuous. Baba Lamidi is also old, frail, and very often ill, which makes him an unreliable teacher. Nevertheless, Yomi Bello is determined that his new play, The Bata Dancer will be the greatest dance drama to be played at the Heritage Theater when it eventually reopens.
Bitter experiences have left Yomi with the fear of another relationship, and when Ajoke, the delightful and very helpful daughter of Baba Lamidi comes into his life, he finds himself in a desperate battle against his resolve. Ajoke becomes to him a healing angel for his innermost miseries and for a severe limp. She also teaches Yomi enough about the Bata culture to make him perform like a master.
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