Cathy Maxwell

The Lady Is Tempted

This “heartwarming” Regency romance about a widow who finds forbidden passion is a “lively and surprising read” from a New York Times–bestselling author (Publishers Weekly).
Marry the local vicar—a stodgy man with six impossible children. Never! Deborah Percival is determined to discover passion in a man’s arms, not duty in a dull marriage. And when she becomes stranded at a countryside inn, tantalizing Anthony Aldercy, the Earl of Burnell, offers her the chance to fulfill her dreams. Deborah knows she should say no—but how can she resist?
The earl is determined to repair his reputation—and a marriage to a demure high-born lady of the ton will do this—but he cannot deny Deborah’s charms. Her lush curves tease his senses, while her delicious honesty touches his heart. But when she disappears, he’s desperate, so he searches all of London to find her, refusing to rest until he brings her into his life—and his arms—again.
Perhaps Deborah is not the only one being tempted . . .
“I love Cathy Maxwell.” —Julia Quinn, author of the Bridgerton series
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