Sylvia Lyne


Discover how to put yourself into trance and give yourself positive suggestions.

Basically, hypnosis is the ability to put yourself into such a relaxed state that when you give yourself suggestions they go directly in and the ability to get yourself out of trance as well.

This is very easily done, it begins with systematic relaxation and then you go into your suggestions and I'm going to show you how to formulate them properly because there's a right way and wrong way to create your suggestions for your self-hypnosis.

You want to make sure that you're receiving the best possible results, and the mind takes things in a very specific way. So, in the book I'm going to

be teaching you how to do systematic relaxation.
You will discover exactly how to structure your suggestions so that you're getting what you want.
And then finally when to go over how to bring yourself out of trance.
At the end I'm going to take you through an entire session so you know what it feels like to practice.

All right Buy now and let's get started.
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