Lynsay Sands

The Key

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Return to the wild beauty of Scotland in The Key, a classic historical romance novel from New York Times bestselling author Lynsay Sands. Married to a barbaric laird in order to escape a worse fate, Iliana Wildwood is determined to remain a chaste wife…until her warrior husband plunders the marriage bed, awakening her to pleasures she's never known before! If you love the quirky, loveable heroines of Julie Garwood's historical romances, then you’re going to love award-winning author Lynsay Sands. Featuring Sands's trademark humor and sexy alpha hero, The Key is a sensual historical romance you won't want to miss!
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    Ye fire me blood. Ye awaken all me passions. I feel alive when I am with ye.
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    His gaze slid to Iliana’s face and a slow smile tugged at his lips. She was nibbling away fiercely at her lower lip as she worked, her forehead drawn into a frown of concentration. He would not mind smoothing that frown away and nibbling at her lip himself.
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    Duncan shivered and started to turn onto his side, t

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