Amelia Wood


This is A Biker Secret Baby Romance

Lukas has always been the quiet kid in school, but he’s never resented himself for it. Girls were complicated and overwhelming, so he just never dated. Parties took away from other, more useful things he could be doing with his time— like striving to become a lawyer. His parents didn’t understand, and his sister— his only true friend— had passed away to leave behind a niece that Lukas adopted. Working his own law office and juggling a 15-year-old is much harder than anyone could’ve led on.

Lukas’ solace in his motorcycle is about to bring him in direct contact with one woman who might compliment him perfectly.

Ashley is a woman with scars— physically and mentally. Having finally worked up the courage to get a moped and work her way up to a motorcycle, she finds herself at a shop at the very right moment. Her intense fear of cars and general ‘stay-in-your-lane’ attitude brings out Lukas inner tenderness, and they immediately feel an unfamiliar attraction to each other.

A lingering problem threatens Lukas and Ashley’s budding romance, and things outside their happy scene begin to work in motion to tear them apart at the seams. But will it end up bringing these two passive people even closer together?

20,000 words (Standalone) with beautiful HEA (with no cheating) and NO Cliffhangers!
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