Stephen Hawking, Oscar Zarate, J.P.McEvoy
Oscar Zarate,J.P.McEvoy

Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking is the world-famous physicist with a cameo in “The Simpsons on his CV”, but outside his academic field his work is little understood. To the public he is a tragic figure — a brilliant scientist and author of the 9 million-copy-selling “A Brief History of Time”, and yet confined to a wheelchair and almost completely paralysed.
Hawking's major contribution to science has been to integrate the two great theories of 20th-century physics — Einstein's General Theory of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. J.P. McEvoy and Oscar Zarate's brilliant graphic guide explores Hawking's life, the evolution of his work from his days as a student, and his breathtaking discoveries about where these fundamental laws break down or overlap, such as on the edge of a Black Hole or at the origin of the Universe itself.
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example, Newton’s Law of Gravitation is very accurate only when gravity is weak – and must be replaced by E
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is important to understand the notion of partial theories. For example, Newton’s Law of Gravitation is very accurate only when gravity is weak – and must be replaced by Einstein’s general relativity in strong gravitational fields. Similarly, relativity must be replaced by quantum mechanics when examining interactions on a microscopic scale, such as the big bang singularity, or at the edge and centre of a black hole.
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Stephen Hawking is called a relativistic cosmologist. This means he studies the Universe as a whole (cosmologist) and uses mainly the theory of relativity (relativistic).

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