Post Office: A Novel, Charles Bukowski
Charles Bukowski

Post Office: A Novel

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“It began as a mistake.” By middle age, Henry Chinaski has lost more than twelve years of his life to the U.S. Postal Service. In a world where his three true, bitter pleasures are women, booze, and racetrack betting, he somehow drags his hangover out of bed every dawn to lug waterlogged mailbags up mud-soaked mountains, outsmart vicious guard dogs, and pray to survive the day-to-day trials of sadistic bosses and certifiable coworkers. This classic 1971 novel—the one that catapulted its author to national fame—is the perfect introduction to the grimly hysterical world of legendary writer, poet, and Dirty Old Man Charles Bukowski and his fictional alter ego, Chinaski.
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The streets were full of insane and dull people. Most of them lived in nice houses and didn’t seem to work, and you wondered how they did it.
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Food is good for the nerves and the spirit. Courage comes from the belly—all else is desperation
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Finished already?”
“I’ve never seen anybody fill out their papers that fast.”
“‘Quickly,’” I said.
“‘Quickly’?” she asked. “What do you mean?”
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