A Dictionary of Idiocy, Stephen Bayley
Stephen Bayley

A Dictionary of Idiocy

'I am fascinated.' Andrew Marr, Start the Week, Radio 4 'Wonderful' The Times 'Intelligent.' Independent 'Current.' Sunday Telegraph Wittgenstein said that if people never did silly things, nothing intelligent would ever happen. In this compelling A-Z of modern ignorance, Stephen Bayley gathers silly, curious and sometimes shocking facts on everything that makes our world tick. Why does Judeo-Christianity love mountains? Why was fear of drinking from skulls the original reason for cremation? And where does the word Fuck come from (hint: think berets)? You'll be surprised how much you never knew!
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Oksana Karpyshyn
Oksana Karpyshynje citiraoпре 4 месеца
Genius and madness are close, but so are idiocy and high intelligence. Neither seems to be well understood.

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