Nan Ryan

Love in the Air

A contemporary romantic novel of irresistible attraction both on and off the air from an author who “knows how to heat up the pages” (RT Book Reviews).
Kay Clark and Sullivan Ward were once the hottest radio duo in Denver. But when Kay left the city—and Sullivan—to continue her career in Los Angeles, their romance wilted before it ever had a chance to fully bloom. Now, five years later, Kay is back. And even though she’s changed, her feelings for Sullivan haven’t.
Sullivan, however, isn’t so sure. He’s still not ready to take Kay back after he helped launch her career and fell in love with her—only for her to ditch him and run as soon as opportunity came knocking.
As they take the air together once again, an old flame sparks anew and blazes hotter than ever. But can they get past their own mixed signals to make it really work?
220 štampanih stranica
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