Branding to Differ: The Brand Building Handbook for Business Leaders, Jean-Luc Ambrosi
Jean-Luc Ambrosi

Branding to Differ: The Brand Building Handbook for Business Leaders

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In Branding to Differ, Jean-Luc Ambrosi provides a practical and comprehensive look at best practice branding for those requiring a real understanding of brand development and management. Ambrosi demonstrates that the brand is fundamentally a promise, that it impacts both the emotional and rationale mind, and that ultimately good branding is about expressing a difference. He shows concisely how to approach brand management
holistically throughout the organisation and emphasises which key elements truly impact a brand's success. His argument about the need to differentiate is compelling and provides the reader with a step by step approach on how to build a powerful brand. Written from both a strategic and practical perspective it is a road map on how to manage brands beyond the text book concepts and popular clichés. A must read for any senior executive.
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