Controlling Stress in Your Life, Kaydon A.Stanzione
Kaydon A.Stanzione

Controlling Stress in Your Life

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Do you find yourself, family or friends stressed out or in potentially uncomfortable or dangerous environments? This book serves as an informational companion guide to help you identify and manage stressful and harmful situations, improve your ability to communicate with people, and give you guidance for identifying and dealing with potentially violent people. You can apply this information to help yourself or to assess potentially unsafe lifestyles of other individuals in your family, social group, school, work, or otherwise. For current information on available online tools and other self-help aids, please visit This book is not intended to be a replacement for professional guidance and support. If you are feeling uncomfortable or threatened in any way, seek professional help. If a person’s stress is not properly dealt with, it may lead to rage and violence. We can help ourselves by controlling our emotions and by helping others in our family and social groups to identify stress factors and avoid people and situations that could escalate to rage or violence. To make good choices in your life, it is important to understand your environment and personal associations. This includes understanding yourself and recognizing and avoiding patterns in other people which may be harmful to you. Violence takes on many forms which can be categorized into three levels, with each level presenting increasingly more danger to you and your loved ones. If you think that you are in a potentially stressful or violent situation, then you are! If someone you love and care about is involved in a similar situation, then you are too! You do not have to be directly threatened, harassed, or hurt, but if you are surrounded by any of these events, then in all actuality, you too are a victim. Not only do victims need help, but people who care about victims need help, too. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what works best for you and your situation. While it may not be easy to obtain a happy, healthy, and safe life, it is possible and it is worth the effort! You’re certainly worth the effort! And you’re friends and families are worth it, too! If you agree, then this book is for you.
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There is no one and no place immune to the devastating effects of violence. Recent statistics indicate that violence is rapidly escalating in our homes, workplaces, public facilities, and schools. By examining a sample of recent violent events, we can better understand who, what, why, when, where, and how of stress can manifest itself into rage and violence.
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