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The Coquette

The Best of Dear Coquette

'Whoever The Coquette is, she's the voice of reason for these crazy times' Maria Alyokhina, Pussy Riot
Dear Coquette unleashes the brutal truth about life, love, dating, sex and everything in between.
For nearly a decade, The Coquette has delivered wisdom with a harsh wit and devastating elegance to the hundreds of thousands of readers who know where to come for her practical, no-nonsense advice.
Rising forth from the glitter and madness of the L.A. party scene, this mysterious online oracle has evolved into one of the most insightful and conscientious voices of her generation, and Dear Coquette is consistently rated amongst the funniest and most beloved blogs on the net by publications ranging from The Guardian to The Huffington Post.
Here, for the first time between hard covers, is the very best of Dear Coquette.
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  • Senpaije citiraoпре 6 година
    Give me some reassurance that my life isn’t pointless.
    No. Go get it yourself.
  • Senpaije citiraoпре 6 година
    Nah, there isn’t more to life than this. Stop looking for something that doesn’t exist and go do something you enjoy with the time that you have.
  • Senpaije citiraoпре 6 година
    Why do I hate you?
    Because something about who you think I am is a threat to your identity.

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