Cindy Dees

Colton Under Fire

A thrilling Coltons of Roaring Springs romance from New York Times bestselling author Cindy Dees.
A single mom is under siege…and in danger of falling in love all over again…
Detective Liam Kastor assumed he’d never see gorgeous Sloane Colton again after high school…right? So when the lovely lawyer suddenly shows up in town years later, Liam is floored. Newly divorced, Sloane is determined to make a life for herself and her toddler daughter.
If only Sloane could forget past secrets and the fact that she’s being terrorized by her ex. At least she’s far away from her old life and can start over—maybe with Liam, whom she can’t help but love. But when deadly threats show up on Sloane’s doorstep, can they face old—and dangerous—demons together?
From Harlequin Romantic Suspense: Danger. Passion. Drama.
The Coltons of Roaring Springs series
Book 1: Colton Cowboy Standoff by Marie Ferrarella
Book 2: Colton Under Fire by Cindy Dees
Book 3: Colton’s Convenient Bride by Jennifer Morey
Book 4: Colton’s Secret Bodyguard by Jane Godman
Book 5: A Colton Target by Beverly Long
Book 6: Colton’s Covert Baby by Lara Lacombe
Book 7: Colton’s Mistaken Identity by Geri Krotow
Book 8: The Colton Sheriff by Addison Fox
Book 9: Colton on the Run by Anna J. Stewart
Book 10: Colton Family Showdown by Regan Black
Book 11: Colton’s Secret Investigation by Justine Davis
Book 12: Colton’s Rescue Mission by Karen Whiddon
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