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You cannot have a new day, a new week, a new month without a new mind. If you do not have a new mind then experiencing a new day is impossible. Without a new mind that is filled with new thoughts you will just be living another day. The phrases in this book that has been inspired by the holy spirit will open your mind to a new wave of thinking. It will broaden your perspective on how to look at the things around you. This book is designed to alter the pattern of your thought life which will in turn shift your behavior. Motivation, inspiration and liberation starts in the mind, your dreams, ambitions and goals need to be cultivated in order for them to flourish. Thinking Godly thoughts will provide you with the substance for you to move forward even when obstacles attempt to hinder you. It's not enough to htink positive but you have to raise the standard and think Godly because Godly thinking will produce Godly results and Godly results will produce supernatural manifestation.
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The first dimension in life that God takes a person through is dedication; the next dimension is transformation.
The test of your character is what you do when you are in the position of power and influence.
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