Barbara Cartland

Hidden By Love

English by birth, although she has never been there and with no money to her name, she has little hope of doing so, beautiful Nadina Talbort has assumed the identity of a French Governess to the daughter of a wealthy Constantinople businessman.
One day on the banks of the Bosporus she saves the life of a handsome young Englishman who is pursed by the murderous Third Section of the Russian Secret Service and begs her to hide him or he will be captured by them and will meet an horrendous fate.
And in his gratitude the Englishman, Lyle Westley, offers her his help any time that Nadina should need it. And need it she soon does when the Turkish Grand Vizier commands that she become his third wife and go to live in his harem..
Appalled, alone and afraid, she seeks out Lyle at the British Embassy and throws herself on his mercy.
And soon they flee across the Dardanelles together with the enemy hot on their heels.
But in their dire situation love is waiting in the wings.
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