Nadine Dorries

The Mothers of Lovely Lane

A heartbreaking novel from the bestselling author of The Four Streets.
Noleen Delaney is one of an army of night cleaners at St Angelus Hospital. Son Finn has done something unheard-of and passed his Eleven Plus exam. How on earth will they pay for his books, his grammar school uniform and shoes?
Bronia Ryan has battled depression since her husband died and now one of her sons is in prison. Her youngest, Lorcan, wants no part of a life of crime, but how can he ever escape? Or protect his mother from her vicious eldest son?
As usual, St Angelus is at the heart of things. Life and death, love and loss, jealousies, rivalries and betrayals are woven into a rich tapestry in Nadine's great series about poverty, sacrifice and community spirit in post-war Liverpool and the early days of the NHS.
Can't wait for the next one? CHRISTMAS ANGELS is out now!
What people are saying about THE MOTHERS OF LOVELY LANE:
'I have loved this series from the first book, and with each new book, I was never disappointed'
'So many powerful characters, especially the women'
'Good stories, believable characters that make you sad, happy and hopeful for them'
'Nadine Dorries has done it again — had me gripped from page one'
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    What man ever had any say in how a home was decorated or run anyway? And objecting would not be the route to an easy life.
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