A Joosr Guide to Start with Why by Simon Sinek, Joosr

A Joosr Guide to Start with Why by Simon Sinek

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Do you want to inspire others and achieve success? Find out how following your passion and weaving it into every part of your business or cause can help you attain levels of success few are ever able to reach.

Start with Why by Simon Sinek explores what it means to be a true leader. Many people have lofty goals to change an industry, but few are able to accomplish them. Most are motivated by the wrong things, like money and power, or they go about running a business in a manner that is essentially back-to-front. True leaders and innovators, on the other hand, run a business or campaign by starting with WHY. Figuring out WHY you're doing something will help you draw loyal customers, followers or employees, and sets you on the path toward success.

You will learn:

· What it means to start with WHY

· How failing to keep your WHY in mind can lead to failure

· Why giving your customers what they want doesn't always lead to success.
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Why? Both teams were highly motivated and had a strong work ethic. The difference, then, was simply passion and the ability to inspire. The Wright brothers were motivated by their passion to fly, and their enthusiasm was inspiring to those around them. Langley was motivated by money and prestige and therefore lacked the fundamental ability to inspire and lead his team.
Charlotte Kock Kristensen
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Decisions are often emotionally driven, so true influencers strive to win people’s hearts by passionately communicating the story of their WHY. To do that successfully, they follow their gut instinct even if it seems somewhat nonsensical to others.
Nataliya Shevchenko
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There are three layers to the Golden Circle: the WHY, the WHAT, and the HOW. Companies that manipulate their customers think from the outside of the circle first. They spend all of their time worrying about the HOW and the WHAT and almost always forget about the WHY.
Inspirational leaders, on the other hand, start at the inside of the circle and work their way out. They start with the WHY, which enables them to more easily determine WHAT sort of products or services they will offer and HOW they will run their company.
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