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Introducing Sociology

Sociology is interested in the ways people shape the society they live in, and the ways society shapes them. Simply, it is the study of what modern society is and how it functions.

In the series’ inimitable style, Introducing Sociology traces the origins of sociology from industrialization, revolution and the Enlightenment through to globalization, neoliberalism and the fear of nationalism — introducing you to key thinkers, movements and concepts along the way.

You will develop insight into the world around you, as you engage your ‘sociological imagination’ and explore studies of the city, theories of power and knowledge, concepts of national, racial and sexual identity, and much more.
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    So informative! Definitely worth reading, especially if you don't know much about sociology and would like to understand it better. This is a great place to start!


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    Mills said that when we develop a sociological imagination we begin to see how wider social forces connect with our personal biographies. For Mills, the sociological imagination is particularly powerful when we identify the society we live in, rather any personal or individual failings, as responsible for many of our problems.
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    The economic, social and cultural influences of globalization destroy traditional forms of social and political association; they dissolve boundaries and cause instability and uncertainty about the future.
    Nationalism represents an attempt by social groups to defend themselves from these threats
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    Smith also criticized modernism for its failure to address the passion of nationalism. It cannot answer the question: why die for the nation? For Smith, the answer lies in the “sacred community” of shared memories and ancestry.

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