The first of six sisters navigates the marriage mart in the Regency series from the New York Times–bestselling author of the Agatha Raisin Mysteries.
Poor Minerva. Prudish, self-righteous, and incredibly beautiful, she is to be sent to London to capture a wealthy husband. But Minerva doesn’t know the first thing about flirting. The London dandies find her moralizing appalling and concoct a plan to assault her virtue—an assault that will scandalize all London society. Meanwhile, Lord Sylvester Comfrey, whom she met earlier through her father, has been keeping a careful eye on the girl. A fact that she resents. She dislikes Lord Sylvester. There is something about him that disturbs her. Now the plan to destroy Minerva’s reputation begins to unfold. And Minerva stumbles headlong into the trap. But the plotters have reckoned without Lord Sylvester . . .
“Readers who long for the brightest and best of today’s Regencies will give thanks that the Reverend Armitage has five more daughters!” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review
Praise for M. C. Beaton’s novels
“A delightful tale . . . romance fans are in for a treat.” —Booklist
“Nicely atmospheric, most notable for its gentle humor and adventurous spirit.” —Publishers Weekly
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    Lady Arachnia
    M.C. Beaton
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