Start Here, Rebecca Maldonado
Rebecca Maldonado

Start Here

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Avoid burnout by maintaining simple health habits. If you are ready to lose weight, increase your energy and slow down accelerated aging, Start Here was written for you. It's an uncomplicated, easy to understand, no nonsense self-care manual written to help you build the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. We are inundated with complicated and conflicting information daily. Start Here lays out a plan of action to get the results you desire in the simplest way possible. This information is easy to understand and easy to implement no matter what your life circumstances are. If you are ready to stop talking about “getting healthy” and are ready for action, this is your book. Everywhere people are waking up to the fact that they can lose weight, feel, look, and function better with simple lifestyle changes. Too many people experience burnout along with needless suffering and pain when all they need are a few simple tools to look and feel amazing. Have you ever felt that you could be living a healthier, happier and more energetic life? Do you feel like you have reserves of untapped potential but could use some guidance? This book was written for you. After reading this book, you are bound to ask two questions. They are, “Why didn't I start sooner?” and “I feel great, what's next?”
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Useful, quick and easy to understand.

Foundational Health Habits Sleep Water Breathing/movement Real food Sunshine Grounding/nature Stress management Rest Flow
focus on the 3 targets for best results

The main point starts here

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