Elena Ferrante

The Neapolitan Novels by Elena Ferrante Boxed Set

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In one volume, the New York Times–bestselling epic about hardship and female friendship in postwar Naples that has sold over five million copies.
Beginning with My Brilliant Friend, the four Neapolitan Novels by Elena Ferrante follow Elena and Lila, from their rough-edged upbringing in Naples, Italy, not long after WWII, through the many stages of their lives—and along paths that diverge wildly. Sometimes they are separated by jealousy or hostility or physical distance, but the bond between them is unbreakable, for better or for worse.
This volume includes all four novels: My Brilliant Friend; The Story of a New Name; Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay; and The Story of the Lost Child.
“Imagine if Jane Austen got angry and you’ll have some idea of how explosive these works are.” —The Australian
“Nothing you read about Elena Ferrante’s work prepares you for the ferocity of it.” —The New York Times
“An enduring masterpiece.” —The Atlantic
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    She wore a blue dress that my mother had made for her in a rare moment of happiness, and she was beautiful.
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    who can say, we knew nothing about time, in those day
    Menna Abu Zahraje citiralaпре 4 месеца
    the fourth flight Lila did something unexpected. She stopped to wait for me, and when I reached her she gave me her hand. This gesture changed everything between us forever.

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