Adam Alexander Haviaras

The Blood Road

At the peak of Rome's might, a dragon is born among eagles, an heir to a line both blessed and cursed by the Gods for ages.

Lucius Metellus Anguis is dead. That is what his enemies believe.

However, within the safety of the Isle of the Blessed, Lucius and his family have been healing since the Praetorians attacked their home and destroyed their lives.

With wounds that run deep, Lucius’ wife and children slowly come to terms with their new reality, but as Lucius emerges from the shadows, he finds himself a changed man, a man bent on revenge. Trapped between worlds and tormented by pain, Lucius becomes obsessed with the thought of making his enemies pay for what they have done.

Out in the world once more, Lucius discovers that the destruction wrought by Rome is far worse than he imagined, and so he sets out on a bloody quest that takes him to the farthest reaches of the Empire.

It is said that the world is a dangerous place for good men, but what happens when a good man is set on vengeance?

Despite the pleas of his family and friends, and the warnings of the Gods themselves, Lucius seeks to pursue and punish his enemies at all costs.

Will the Dragon survive his own anger and hate and let go of the reins of war, or will he perish in the crucible of life that burns both men and gods?

Only Lucius can decide…

The Blood Road is a story of love, hate and the choices faced by a hero caught between worlds. It is the sixth book in Adam Alexander Haviaras’ #1 bestselling Eagles and Dragons historical fantasy series.

If you like books by Bernard Cornwell, David Gemmell, Marion Zimmer Bradley or Wilbur Smith, then you will love this ground-breaking series that combines accurate historical detail with ancient religion and elements of fantasy.

Read The Blood Road today and set off on a journey you will never forget!
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