Hush: A Forbidden Romance, Amanda Maxlyn
Amanda Maxlyn

Hush: A Forbidden Romance

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From USA Today bestselling author Amanda Maxlyn comes an all new sexy romance about forbidden love.

I never expected to get fired on my birthday of all days. But that was the start of many unexpected things.
With him.
It was one night masked in desire and pleasure that changed everything. He's all I think about — all I want. And he's everything I can't possibly have.
My sister's ex. My swim coach.

Now, all I'm left with are stolen glances, brief touches, and a burning desire for more as I drown in my need for him- the man who's off limits, totally forbidden.

We keep it completely hushed.

**Hush is a fun, light, sexy read with mature content. It is intended for readers 17+.
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Not good

Once I’m behind the wheel of my 2007 Honda Civic with the windows down, I blast “Summertime Sadness” by Lana Del Rey. It’s not summer, but the song is fitting for the situation. I make the short drive back to my newly rented townhouse that I’m sure I can no longer afford.
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When life hands you lemons, grab tequila, some salt, and drown your sorrows!”

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