Rotimi Ogunjobi,Lon Reese

The Crooked Bullet

Someone has stolen The Crooked Bullet; Raj Desai's treasured family heirloom and lucky charm. His daughter has also been kidnapped. To the rescue comes Frank Wire private detective and disc jockey by night, fresh from trailing the runaway wife of a dipsomaniac landscaper. But for Frank Wire, his dream appearance in the premiere concert of new pop music sensation Ex-Man, is soon jeopardized by the need to also find and rescue his kidnapped girlfriend, from the faceless, ruthless and ubiquitous organization known as The Barefoot Revolution. The search takes Frank through East London, where he is hunted by assassins, assaulted by hooligans and robbed of prized possessions. As the reluctant mule delivering the kidnap ransom for Raj Desai's daughter, Frank is eventually confronted by an old enemy — the reclusive Rabbi Zulu, a rebel with a diabolic mission; as well as the sordid secret behind The Crooked Bullet.
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