English Writing Exercises for Second Language Learners, Stephen E.Dew
Stephen E.Dew

English Writing Exercises for Second Language Learners

This is my second academic writing skills workbook. It contains questions and answers on topics to improve academic English writing skills. The questions are typical of those used in exams for an English diploma for university entrance. These practical writing exercise support my previous three “Academic Writing Skills” series books:

1. “Learn English Paragraph Writing Skills”
2. “Practical Academic Essay Writing Skills”
3. “The 5 Step Essay Writing Process”

The exercise groups cover grammar areas such as capitals, commas, sentence structure and errors, and subject/verb agreement required for confident academic English writing skills.

As well as the common grammar questions, there are questions to improve essay writing skills such as topic and supporting sentences, unity, coherence, and examples of transition signals.

I would recommend ESL Students in low-intermediate to low-advanced English classes use this workbook for developing their academic English writing skills.
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