Matt Purland

Practical English Exercises

This book is packed from cover to cover with exercises that will really inspire learners, covering a huge variety of language areas. It’s aimed at learners who are studying at about Level 1 and can be used by teachers with all types of English classes, as well as students for home study, since the answers to all of the activities, plus notes for solving the exercises, are included at the back of the book.
The book is divided into sections according to type of language skills being practised, namely grammar, vocabulary, spelling, reading, speaking & listening, and research skills. 
This book includes lots of unique material that has been written especially for our learners, including exercises on ‘its or it’s’, adverbs, syllables, understanding maps, and Calculator Code Words. There’s loads of stuff here for learners of English to get their teeth into — wherever you may be studying! 
This book is all about helping learners to improve their English skills — reading, writing, speaking and listening We hope you will really enjoy using this book as a self-study tool or with your learners, if you are a teacher.
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