Natasha Terk

Professional Writing Skills: Five Simple Steps to Write Anything to Anyone

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This workbook covers techniques to write any kind of business document to present your readers with information or persuade them to take action. You'll learn a five-step process to plan your message, review techniques to keep your language clear and concise, and apply the techniques you learn to the email you write for work. The workbook shows you how to save writing time and improve results with each document you send out for your job.
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    TO: Data Processing ManagersSUBJECT: Delays in data processing
    There’s a problem with the Data Processing group, and as a manager, you can help solve it.
    The group has failed to meet its deadlines for the past several months, and this failure is causing delays and confusion throughout the company. Please take the following steps:
    Make sure your team members read the full Data Processing Organizational Format
    Make sure they follow the format listed on page 23
    Submit outlines of each team member’s responsibilities
    When you need to report a problem, follow the procedures on page 603 of the Manager’s Handbook.
    If you have questions or other suggestions, please email Joe at joe@help.com.
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    Why should readers do what I want them to do?
    [e.g., why should they make a purchase?]

    What do readers need to know?
    [e.g., what do they need to learn about a new procedure that will start in one week?]
    aytan adigozalje citiraoпрошле године
    considering your readers’ point of view, deciding what you want to accomplish, and stating your main point clearly in a key sentence.

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