Elizabeth Coldwell,Catelyn Cash,Mariella Fairhead

Sexy Summer Stories

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Swinging in Las Vegas, threesomes overlooking the Great Barrier Reef and Mexicans pirvate parties; this selection of steamy short stories will have you traveling the world without ever leaving your sun lounger.
Only In Vegas by Elizabeth Coldwell
They'd talked about having a swinging adventure, and a lifestyle convention in Vegas seemed like the perfect place to try it out. The city seemed like nothing special in daylight, but at night – and with the help of a hot stranger – it came to life, giving them a holiday they'd never forget…
Local Delicacy by Mariella Fairhead
My husband, Luke has tried to set up threesomes several times, but there's never been a connection with the woman, an instant and powerful attraction that I just had to act on, until now that is – when I first set eyes on our diving guide, Maryse. As water dripped from her tight fitting bikini, and she cast me a sexy, sultry glance, I knew things could really happen. But it would be tonight, in a bed under the moonlight, overlooking the Great Barrier Reef, that I would get my first taste of a woman, and three in a bed.
Maya Gold by Catelyn Cash
Arya’s dream holiday in Mexico is in danger of being ruined by her friends’ drunken partying. But when she sneaks off to visit some ancient ruins she gets a glimpse of local history the guide books never mentioned – and ends up at a private party much more to her liking!
These stories first appeared in Foreign Affairs published by Xcite Books
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