Sometimes You Win—Sometimes You Learn, Maxwell John
Maxwell John

Sometimes You Win—Sometimes You Learn

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John Maxwell believes that the greatest lessons we learn in life are from our losses. Everyone experiences loss, but not everyone learns from it. In Sometimes You Win—Sometimes You Learn, Dr. Maxwell explores the most common lessons we learn when we experience loss. He then explains how to turn a set-back into a step forward by examining the eleven elements that make up the DNA of Those Who Learn:
1. Humility – The Spirit of Learning2. Reality – The Foundation of Learning3. Responsibility – The First Step of Learning4. Improvement – The Focus of Learning5. Hope – The Motivation of Learning6. Teachability – The Pathway of Learning7. Adversity – The Catalyst of Learning8. Problems – The Opportunities of Learning
9. Bad Experiences – The Perspective for Learning
10. Change – The Price of Learning11. Maturity – The Value of Learning
Learning is not easy during down times, it takes discipline to do the right thing when everything is…

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