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Citati iz knjige „Sometimes You Win—Sometimes You Learn“ autora Maxwell John

There are no shortcuts to perfection.
may sound like hyperbole when Jones asks if you are taking responsibility for the tasks you perform as if your life depends on it, but it’s not really extreme. Why? Because our lives do depend on what we do
face your fear,
Neither is experience. Only evaluated experience teaches us.
You must stop, take responsibility for your choices, reflect on what went wrong and what went right, make adjustments, and try again. That’s the only way to be successful.
Why would you think you’ll ever get to a place where you can learn without failing and making mistakes?
truth is that nothing can ruin your life or make you mad without your permission
There are three things wrong with me: my wife, my mother, and my son.” Now that’s blamestorming.
A victim mind-set causes people to focus on what they cannot do instead of what they can do. It is a recipe for continued failure
Lying to yourself is a hard habit to break,”
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