Jon Allen

A Guide to Better Management Managing Change

Change has become the constant at work, restructuring, new job responsibilities, new processes, we just seem to go from one to another. In this programme you will learn how to view change in a positive light and see it as an opportunity rather than a disruption. You will also learn how to help others to deal more positively with change so that you can all approach it far more constructively. You will be encouraged to not just manage change but to actively promote it as a more satisfying way of life.
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    Anna Chekhomovaje citiralaпре 5 година
    There are many reasons why we need to be good at managing change. The most obvious ones are connected with the way in which the world is now going. The one constant in the work place and in fact in society today, is change. And it isn’t just change at a reasonable pace, the speed of change has increased considerably as we’ve gone through

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