Dragon Kiss, E.D.Baker

Dragon Kiss

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Audun is on a quest to find Princess Millie, and to become human in order to win her heart. But The Dragon King has set out a number of tasks Audun must perform before he is permitted to even try to woo Millie…and each one is filled with E. D. Baker's signature adventure and hilarity as this dragon-turned-human-turned dragon and back again battles sea witches and warlocks both familiar to readers of the series, and altogether new. A fantastic stand-alone fairy tale that brings new life to this wonderful series.
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What do you mean, you’re going after that girl?” demanded Audun’s grandmother. She set the sack she’d been carrying beside the pile of the family’s belongings waiting at the mouth of the cave and turned to look at the fifteen-year-old dragon. “You know she’s really a human!”
Audun looked at her in surprise. After everything that Millie had done for them, he hadn’t expected anyone to object to his plans.
“I thought all of you liked her,” he said, glancing from his grandmother to the rest of his family.
“We do,” said his mother while his father nodded. His grandfather just shrugged and looked apologetic.
“Liking her has nothing to do with this,” his grandmother, Song of the Glacier, replied.
“You can’t have forgotten that she saved our lives!” protested Audun.
“We know what she did,” said his grandmother. “And we appreciate it, but that doesn’t change the fact that she isn’t a dragon. Just because she has magic doesn’t make her one of us.”
Audun shook his head. “I don’t understand why that’s a problem. I mean, I’ve heard about dragons that can change into humans. What’s wrong with a human who can turn into a dragon?”
“I’m not arguing with you about this, Audun,” said the elderly dragoness, “and I’m not giving you my permission to run after that girl like some lovesick albatross. Now go help your grandfather gather the rest of the sacks. We’ll be leaving in a few minutes.”
“Then you’ll be going without me,” Audun declared. “I love Millie and I don’t want to live my life without her!”
Audun’s mother, Moon Dancer, gasped and gave her son a horrified look. In the dragon
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