Elizabeth Coldwell,Demelza Hart,Lynn Lake,Catelyn Cash,Roxy Martin

Your Ultimate Fantasy

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Your Ultimate Fantasy by Elizabeth Coldwell

When Lisa is given a note that offers her the chance to have her ultimate fantasy fulfilled, she can’t think of anything she really wants. Then she realises it gives her the opportunity to watch and learn just what her boyfriend gets up to when he’s alone and horny …

Between Friends by Roxy Martin

Sally feels lucky to have a friend like Jen – smart, clever, and the secret object of Sally’s obsession. Jen, meanwhile, is attracted to Sally’s husband Mike, and a plot is hatched and put into action. When Mike succumbs to Jen’s seduction, Sally watches – but once is not enough. How much pleasure can a woman get from watching her husband have sex with her best friend? Sally is about to find out …

The Watcher by Catelyn Cash

A Watcher is timeless. Ageless. But not sexless. No way. Have you ever felt your skin prickle with awareness when you’re alone with your vibrator? Maybe you’ve lain on your bed with your lover’s head between your legs and suddenly felt the two of you were not alone? When that happens, do you pull the covers over your nakedness? Or do you put on a star performance for your unseen audience? Do you come harder, faster and louder when you fantasise you are being watched? No more fantasy. I’m watching. Do it for me.

Cheating Made Easy by Lynn Lake

Sexy Czech couple Jiri and his wife Ivanka live a few streets over from Beatrice and Roger. Keen to get to know them and their culture better, Roger invites them to a backyard barbeque – where he and Beatrice get a more intimate insight into their neighbours’ private life than they bargained for. Then Jiri and Ivanka ask the other couple to their place, intending to play host – first in their own backyard, and then in their bedroom.

Come Underground by Demelza Hart

Meet a London girl who needs a little release from the stress of her life – and is about to find it on a late-night trip on the London Underground. This will be a tube journey like no other. When the doors lock for the duration of the trip and she sees the five gorgeous men in the carriage with her, she knows she’s in for the ride of her life. All aboard!

These stories also appear in Watching Me, Watching You which is also published by Xcite Books.
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