Lynsay Sands

Taming the Highland Bride

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“You can’t help but fall in love with Lynsay Sands!” —New York Times bestselling author Christina Doddschemas-microsoft-com:office:office” />

Lynsay Sands—the perennial USA Today and New York Times bestselling author well-known and loved for her delightful novels featuring the Argeneau family of vampires—once again shows us another side with Taming the Highland Bride, the second in the  wonderfully witty, supremely sexy historical romance series she kicked off with Devil of the Highlands. With Taming the Highland Bride, the incomparable Lynsay pays homage to the immortal Bard, William Shakespeare, as she delights readers with a tale of a smitten Scotsman’s determined efforts to tame his beautiful, hot-tempered fiancée, the notorious “Stewart Shrew.”
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    She had understood it, but that apparently hadn’t prevented it from hurting her.
    The moment they drew their mounts to a halt at the steps to the keep and Merry dismounted, she found herself surrounded and caught up in one embrace after another by the women who had trailed them across the bailey. Things like “’Tis good to see ye lookin’ so bonnie, lass” and “We’re missin’ ye here at Stewart, my lady” were repeated to her over and over, and Merry would have liked to load every single one of them into her wagon and take them home to d’Aumesbery with her. At least then she would not feel so alone for, despite Una’s accompanying

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