Never Marry a Cowboy, Lorraine Heath
Lorraine Heath

Never Marry a Cowboy

In his arms she found the greatest joy she'd ever known . . . but his heart belonged to another. Can her love make their marriage real before their time together ends—forever?
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With a deep breath, she pushed to her feet and strolled across
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She had expected the pain. She hadn’t expected to feel the pleasure rippling through her again. She gasped and he quickened his movements. She ran her hands along his sides, over his chest, until she could clutch his shoulders. Anything to keep her anchored, but she became like a ship tossed into a tempest.
All she’d experienced before paled in comparison to what she felt now with each powerful thrust. His fingers had worked a miracle, his tongue magic, but these sensations went beyond earthly bounds. He was hers, completely, absolutely, making her his.
She writhed and moaned, tossing her head from side to side as the passion increased, undulating waves that never ceased, but only grew grander in intensity, broader in scope.
She shivered, felt him tremble, and then the storm washed over her, gloriously, taking her to the depths of passion and tossing her back to the height of sensual awareness. Her body curled, then arched, her fingers digging deeply into his shoulders.
Lost in oblivion, she felt his last thrust before he stilled, hovering above her, breathing

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