Wolf and the Dove, Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
Kathleen E. Woodiwiss

Wolf and the Dove

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From New York Times bestselling author Kathleen E. Woodiwiss comes one of her most beloved romances…
The Wolf
Noble Aislinn grieves as the Iron Wolf and his minions storm through her beloved Darkenwald. And she burns with malice for the handsome Norman savage who would enslave her. . .even as she aches to know the rapture of the conqueror's kiss.
The Dove
For the first time ever, mighty Wulfgar has been vanquished — and by a bold and beautiful princess of Saxon blood. He must have the chaste, sensuous enchantress who is sworn to his destruction. And he will risk life itself to nurture with tender passion a glorious union born in the blistering heat of hatred and war.
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our mayward babies is the inspiration why we read th7s this book .. esp t8 edward

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