O'Brien Pocket History of the IRA, Brendan O'Brien
Brendan O'Brien

O'Brien Pocket History of the IRA

An accessible, clearly-written account of the IRA from its beginnings to today. It covers the origins and history of the organisation, its aims, the political and military thinking which has driven its activities, and the major personalities who have shaped the direction of the movement down through the years.

The relationship with the Irish and British governments is examined, as well as the effects of the major bombing campaigns and the 1981 hunger strikes. It also explains the radical shift in thinking which led to the IRA seeking a political way towards the goal of Irish unity rather than pursuing the entrenched 'Brits Out' policy at the point of a gun.

The background to the IRA ceasefire, and the many factors which contributed to its ending are looked at, as well as the prospects for a lasting peace in one of the world's most troubled arenas.

This is intended as an easy-to-read overview of the IRA and the Northern situation, accessible to both the tourist and the interested general reader.
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Анастасия Сухареваje citiralaпре 5 година
Then, at the point of departure, the arms consignment was impounded by the Dutch authorities at Schipol Airport on 16 October 1971.

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Love this stuff , Fearghus Michael Mac Cormaic
Fearghus Michael Mac Cormaic
Love this stuff
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