Eats, Shoots and Leaves, Lynne Truss
Lynne Truss

Eats, Shoots and Leaves

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Anxious about the apostrophe? Confused by the comma? Stumped by the semicolon? Join Lynne Truss on a hilarious tour through the rules of punctuation that is sure to sort the dashes from the hyphens.
We all had the basic rules of punctuation drilled into us at school, but punctuation pedants have good reason to suspect they never sank in. ‘Its Summer!’ screams a sign that sets our teeth on edge. ‘Pansy’s ready’, we learn to our considerable interest (‘Is she?’) as we browse among the bedding plants.
It is not only the rules of punctuation that have come under attack but also a sense of why they matter. In this runaway bestseller, Lynne Truss takes the fight to emoticons and greengrocers’ apostrophes with a war cry of ‘Sticklers unite!’
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Soliloquios Literarios
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They regard us as freaks. When we point out illiterate mistakes we are often aggressively instructed to “get a life” by people who, interestingly, display no evidence of having lives themselves.
Gleb Krauklish
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When the possessor is plural, but does not end in an “s”, the apostrophe similarly precedes the “s”:
The children’s playground
The women’s movement
But when the possessor is a regular plural, the apostrophe follows the “s”:
The boys’ hats (more than one boy)
The babies’ bibs
Julia Oulik
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We are like the little boy in The Sixth Sense who can see dead people, except that we can see dead punctuation.

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